We use the most advanced technology. Single control center for all chat bots Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger.
They trust us
Get a new automated way to communicate with customers - in the chat messenger. Bring the attention of customers.
Open a new sales channel at no great cost. Automated chat bot is able to accept orders or "warm up" customers.
Unload administrators or call center operators. Reduce support response time and customer satisfaction.
Return customers
Increase sales
Reduce costs
CHAT-BOT will help
How does CHAT-BOTS
We offer your team a complete set of tools.
A person sees an advertisement, a promotional offer on the street or on the site, which lead to Chat Bot Telegram | Viber
Step 2
He clicks and the dialogue window Telegram | Viber | FB with pre-prepared questions.
Step 3
From this point on, the person is in your database, and his data is stored in your CRM.
Step 4
The client can select an offer from the list of products: name, description, price.
Step 5
The client selects the desired quantity of goods and the process of placing an order according to a pre-built algorithm takes place.
Step 6
Add. sales
The task of Chat-bot is not just to sell the product, but to warm the relationship and do cross-selling. And all this in one platform - in a chat bot!
Examples of our work
TOTEM chat bot
Esoteric products
Click below which messenger is more convenient for you:
Viber or Telegram click and place an order.
Easy and Convenient!
KROS chat bot
Online store

Click below which messenger is more convenient for you:
Viber or Telegram click and place an order.
Easy and Convenient!
Let's provide 3 options for using Chat Bots in your Business.
Cost of developing chatbots
from $200
BEAUTY чат бот для
Салона красоты
Click below which messenger is more convenient for you:
Viber or Telegram click and place an order.
Easy and Convenient!
You can independently change the catalog, categories, add and delete products.
You have access to a customer base, with all contact information and order information for each person.
Import from YML. Edit product descriptions
Import from YML / CSV
Send to all users of the bot promotions, special offers at any time
Set up the delivery time, cost of delivery, the minimum amount of the order, as well as the amount from which the delivery is free.
Download sales statistics for any period of time.
Our team prepared a small video for you to see a small part of our functionality.
Meet our team
Our ideology:
Minimize the role of the human factor through the use of effective IT tools and processes.
Team Leader
Project Manager
Want! How to start?
Submit your application
Leave a request, our manager will contact you. Make a list of your wishes. Based on the data, estimate the cost of work.
TK Approval / Development
Our specialist will make a complete description of all functions of the chat bot. The development phase is divided into phases to allow you to receive feedback from you.
The bot is already running
Before launching us, a QA specialist will make a test of all the functionality that will ensure full performance.
In the admin panel, add the tokens of bots and "GO" !!
We will gladly make a free evaluation of your project.
Дмитрий Project Manager
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Automate ways to communicate with customers
All services of your business, modern sales channel and a completely new level of service for your customers!
We will gladly make a free evaluation of your project.
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How much does bot development cost?
The price of creating a bot directly depends on the functionality you want to receive. And the complexity of implementation in terms of programming.
Since this niche is only gaining popularity now, you have the opportunity to develop a bot at a low price.
Everything is moving towards automation and robotization - this is a fact, and this is the future. Our advice is to start now, then it will be harder and more expensive.
How much time does bot development take?
Everything also depends on the complexity of the problem. But on average, the development of simple bots that do not require integration with third-party systems takes 2-3 days. If something is more difficult - up to a week.
Also, if the bot is already working in Telegram, start it on Facebook or Vayber one day deal.
What does not need to provide to create a bot?
Enough ideas or an invented interaction script. All other issues are resolved in the course of work.
Is it convenient and profitable?
Mobile messengers have ceased to be just a popular means of communicating with friends and have become an effective way to communicate with business. Using instant messengers in customer service is a logical conclusion that business people come to. In 2015, more than 100 companies, including Tele2, Tinkoff Bank, Alfa Bank and Qiwi, began interacting with customers using Telegram bots. More than 80 major brands, such as Sberbank, QIWI Russia, MTS, MegaFon, Yota, Beeline, began to communicate with customers using personal messages on VKontakte.
Is it possible to integrate the bot with the infrastructure of the company?
Can. If you already have a CRM system or API, integration is possible.
Chat products in a convenient form displays your products and services.
Characteristics of the goods / services:
- Title
- A photo
- Description
- Price
Start selling chat bots has never been so easy.
Directory Navigation
How does it work ?
Allows your client to specify in several steps
- Comment to the order
- Order Date
- Check or edit order
- Filling the order basket
- Delivery and pickup mode
- Show delivery terms
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Messenger - an effective channel for sales of additional services.
Create custom deals for customers.
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